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GAA Player

Due to the demands of football nowadays it is so important to not only train but recover properly too. Hot yoga has helped me do this. I’ve struggled with some injuries on and off over the past few season, but the Bonco classes have been a great tool to improve my mobility and keep me on the field! I’ve found it has massively improved my flexibility which has kept me injury free. Barry is an excellent teacher as well and always provides a calm and friendly environment. I always go home feeling relaxed and stress free, something which carries through the rest of my week. I would recommend hot yoga to anyone whether they are an athlete trying to improve performance or somebody just looking to lower stress from their busy life. Thank you Barry.
Namaste ????

Stress Relief

Yoga has been a great help to my sleep.. always find im so relaxed afterwards. Definately improves stress levels. Found my first few classes difficult as i was so unfit and poor balance and flexability. I am doing hot yoga once per week for about 18 months.. i love every minute of it and am confident with all the moves. It has definately helped me maintain a healthy weight also. Hot yoga by far is my favourate form of exercise.
Many thanks, Lorraine


The hot yoga classes @Bonco Claremorris and Castlebar are excellent, after struggling with back trouble the last few years the hot yoga classes have really helped. It’s great to be back running and cycling without any discomfort especially while running. The yoga strengthens the core muscles, improves mobility and flexibility, all key factors in injury prevention. Yoga is becoming very popular amongst sports people in general. Highly recommended.


Back Pain Relief

Hi Barry. I find my hot yoga brilliant. I work at a desk 8 hours a day so the yoga really helps my posture and my lower back pain is now nonexistent. I play GAA football and find it massively helps in injury prevention. My only regret is not starting years ago.

Hot Yoga

Bonco has helped me lose 3 and a half stone, yes 3 stone in 2017 wen I first went too ur class I was 18 stone now I’m 15 . Another 3 too go but no harm. It gives me such positive energy and the most important bit for me is my sleeping pattern from going too a busy week working
And not enough sleep (bonco hot yoga )has definitely helped me calm my mind and helps me relax my depression and anxiety . I’m now  able too have a healthy sleeping pattern from it, one would have too try a class too experience the positive energy you get from it ! I love my hot yoga class it’s a massive positive with my mental health, so ya for me it’s helping me get in contact with my body and also my mind, a Healthy mind is a healthy body ????????‍♀️

!Karen ????????‍♀️