Our Claremorris & Castlebar studios are purpose built to accommodate up to 50 students in each class. Both studios are heated by means of infrared heating panels and the practice is carried out in heat of 35-40º Celsius. The front walls of the studios are completely mirrored and the flooring is laminate wood in order to avoid any build-up of bacteria or odour that can occur from carpet studios. Separate male and female changing rooms are provided. Parking is free.


Our studios use heating panels suspended from the ceiling of the studio, and these panels use far infrared waves. From these far infrared waves our bodies feel their radiant heat through the skins. The warmth felt by far infrared waves (FIR) is gentle, similar to sunshine but with no risk of damage to the skin. This gentle warmth permeates deep into our skins, giving us a comfort and warmth not felt by other heating methods. As FIR works on the principle of conduction as opposed to convection, infrared heating panels do not heat the surrounding air but rather the people and objects in the room. These heating panels do not dry the airways or sinuses.


As a newcomer to yoga, one simply modifies a posture, challenging oneself but working at your own pace. As time goes by a modified posture becomes a perfect posture.
First time students please arrive ten minutes early.
Be prepared to work hard, but only at your own pace.
Dress lightly as the room is heated 30-36 degrees (Celsius).
Bring a large towel, a yoga mat and a bottle of water. (We hire towels and yoga mats. We sell water.)
Please don’t come to class on a full stomach. Eat at least two hours before class.
Come to class hydrated. Drink plenty of water before & after class.


Hot Yoga totally re-calibrates and boosts all systems gently, gradually and naturally.
It is also important that the practice is carried out in a heated room. This allows muscles, ligaments and joints to open without injury, and allows current injuries to heal rapidly.
The heat promotes sweating, flushing toxins from the body. Heat breaks down fatty tissue, working the body on a cellular level. With regular practice one’s whole body and posture will completely change, thus allowing the human systems to work in harmony, bringing energy, strength and a feeling of lightness.

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